Dams clean automated


Dams clean automated Hussein Kadour Ponce

Dams clean automated.

Efficient maintenance of dams with automation

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However our team are highly skilled in dams clean, automated and experienced uses techniques and specialized equipment to carry out a thorough clean and efficient. Either the tanks are located on land or in marine environments, in addition we adapt to the specific needs of each client. Our services range from the removal of silt and debris to the disinfection and purification of the tanks. Efficient maintenance of dams with automation. We work with accuracy and attention to detail, ensuring that every task is carried out safely and efficiently. We make sure of course that all of our procedures comply with the standards and regulations set forth in the industry. In addition, we use products and techniques that respect the environment, minimizing the environmental impact within our operations. 


A cause of our mission in OITECH S. DE R. L. DE C. V./OILTECH is to provide services of Dams clean automated of the highest quality. We use advanced technologies to deliver solutions that are efficient and durable in the field of cleaning of tanks of nitrogen. 

However we are committed to promoting sustainable development, compliance with high standards of health, safety and environment in all of our operations and efficient maintenance of dams with automation.

Trust OITECH/OILTECH to keep your nitrogen tanks in optimal conditions, getting tangible benefits, and in compliance with environmental regulations. We are committed to providing a service that is reliable, safe, quality, satisfying the needs of our customers and contributing to the care of the environment in the tank cleaning marine and terrestrial.


Our vision in OITECH S. DE R. L. DE C. V./OILTECH is to be leaders in the Dams clean automated, providing quality solutions while we take care of the environment, and we assume our social responsibility. We drive innovation and sustainability through the use of advanced technologies, with the goal of meeting the needs of our customers, employees, community and shareholders. 

Because we strive for excellence and to continually improve, adopting business practices that promote sustainable development and to generate a positive impact in all our operations. 

Finally you can rely on us for solutions that balance effectively the business success with environmental and social responsibility in the cleaning of tanks of nitrogen on land and at sea.


Dams clean automated Hussein Kadour Ponce